Pre Shave Oil Barbershop Scent

Pre Shave Oil Barbershop Scent

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Our barber shop scent pre-shave oil can help you achieve the iconic barbershop shaving experience. Like this, all natural pre-shave oil comes with pure ingredients that act as much needed lubrication between your skin and razor blade.


Lather your facial hair with the shaving cream or shaving soap of your choice, after you have applied a subtle touch of pre-shaving oil. This will have a great impact on your hair and skin, as soon as you rinse you will feel a soft bead and skin. As this all-natural oil is designed to offer you a comfortable and close shave. Leaving you with a well moist skin that calls for excellent flow.


Furthermore, the pre-shave oil will allow any blade of your choice to slide smoothly and effortlessly through your follicle, and ensure a clean cut. Moreover, it added protection saves your skin from direct contact with the shaving cream or soap. Leaving you with a natural and well-scented shave oil that is ideal for your skin.


A one of a kind pre-shave oil that leaves essential oils on your skin, and helps boost repair, soothe your itchy skin, prevents your skin from flaking, and helps maintain an overall healthy skin.


Main Ingredients:

- Camellia Seed Oil

- Safflower Oil

- Avocado Oil

- Hemp Seed Oil

- Argan Oil

- Jojoba Oil

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